2003-2007 Stage 2 Turbo
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This is a bolt on upgrade. This turbo will spool up as quick as stock and build boost extremely fast. An excellent towing or performance turbo with great low, mid and top end power.

Custom tuning is recommended for optimal turbocharger performance.

The turbo is built from a brand new Garret Power Stroke Turbo.

It is machined to accept a 64.7x88mm billet, dual plane wheel.

A 360* thrust bearing is added and the turbo is balanced.


Housing Specs & a/r: 64.7mm / 88mm / .58a/r
Compressor Wheel: Dual Plane billet
Turbine Wheel: 10 blade Power Max
Compatible Injectors: Stock - 190cc
Optional Upgrades: None

  • Item #: M2

2003-2007 Stage 2 Turbo

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